Celebrating Christmas At The ‘Sri Sai Sneha Samsthe Foundation’ Orphanage

Children of the orphanage with HOFG Church Members

A visit to an Orphanage is a life-changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments.  We were lucky to get an opportunity to visit an orphanage named ‘Sri Sai Sneha Samsthe Foundation’ on December 19th, 2019.  There were around 60 children, with care-takers and a woman in charge. It was a two-storey building with a terrace. There were mattresses piled up, and there were few bunk beds too.

The moment we entered the orphanage, we felt both happy and sad at the same time when we saw the faces of the children. They were aware of our arrival. So they were all seated, and as soon as we entered they gathered all around us and started introducing themselves and interacting with us. We don’t think there was anyone on the team with whom the children didn’t walk up to and talk to.

We had a program planned, so Sis. Jaba seated all the children and briefed them about our visit and about Christmas. Our Pastor Thangaiah, started with a prayer for the children, and sang Christmas songs. Then the orphanage children sang two beautiful Christmas songs, and also performed a dance.

These children are really talented; some of them good at singing, and some good at dancing. Simply observing their talents makes us feel happy, and we wished we could spend as much time with them as possible.

Our Pastor shared the Word of God with them, and Sis. Stella translated it into Kannada for the children. Sis. Joice and Sis Kanagam prayed for the children at the end of the sermon. Our Pastor was overwhelmed, and in tears by the time he shared the closing prayer.

Someday, one of those children may very well read this blog post, and we would like to give him or her this verse from John 14:18 in the Holy Bible where Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”

Sharing the Gospel

We think that everyone should visit an orphanage, and see the beautiful children who are thirsty for our love. Let us all try to do something for these lovely angels. Visiting them will rid us of all depressions and frustrations, and will give a new meaning to our lives.

We feel that donations made to orphanages would go a long way in the management of such institutions. It is also a way to show our love and affection for these beautiful kids. Let us give back something to society. After visiting an orphanage you will start appreciating the little things in life when you see people who don’t have them. Only at such times, do you tide over the insignificant and immaterial things and appreciate the bigger picture.


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